Kettfest2015 come have your pic taken with me whilst I hunt down kettfest2015 cookies

I will be in the town centre on the 6th of June enjoying all that has to offer and hunting down the cookies that I was not able to sample as my photographer whackyofkettering one of the founders of his event ate it all before I could raise a paw to take it from her. So if you see me around, please stop and say hello and have your picture taken with me.


Lost of Whacky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One has been busy supporting ones personal photographer in her recovery from being told by f/b she is no longer whacky……………the poor woman is beside herself. Well she is a gemini 😉

I am not sure why I am supporting her given that she failed to share the Kettfest2015 cookie sample with me last week ! jojokettfest4-1